Saturday, 28 February 2015

March Wishlist



1. Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb - Lush - £3.50
2. Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick - MAC - £15.50 
3. Moonlight Dream Body Spray - Victoria's Secret
4. Quilted Ballet Pumps - Forever 21 - £13.50 

1. Realistically I am probably going to buy everything from the Mother's Day collection from LUSH this year, I usually do. Rose Bombshell, as you would imagine, is scented with roses and looks very pretty.

2. I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan generally, her music isn't my cup of tea, but anyone who gets behind the Viva Glam campaign is a good egg in my book. All proceeds from these lipsticks go directly to helping people with HIV and the lipstick itself is a gorgeous bright pink.

3. A lady at work has a few of these body mists from Victoria's Secret and they smell amazing. I'm going to have a mooch in their Trafford Centre store to see if they sell them over here.

4. These ballet flats are among the comfiest shoes I have ever owned but mine died a death a few months ago after a lot of use. I'm hoping to pick some more up the next time I'm in a Forever 21.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Make Believe Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches


As a rule I tend to stick to neutral eyeshadows as bright ones are a little out of my comfort zone. Give me a bright lip or a pop of colour on the cheeks anyday but eyes? I'm not sold. I thought for my first proper foray into the world of bright eyeshadows it should be cheap and cheerful and Make Believe from Makeup Revolution certainly fits the bill.

I'm not too keen on the packaging of this palette, I've lost the pin that keeps it close so it just sort of flaps open at any sign of movement. I much prefer when they snap shut more securely.

Left Side
Right Side

I usually find the pigmentation of Makeup Revolution shadows to be excellent, however with this palette I don't feel that they are as good as usual.For instance I was expecting something amazing from the neon pink shade but in reality it is just a baby pink when on the eyes. There are some good shades such as the turquoise, the bronze, the olive and the shimmery black. The brown eyebrow shade is actually really good on my skintone, it looks very natural but realistically I am never going to get any use out of the blonde.

The longevity of the shades that I do use is great, they easily last through my working day which is all I want really. For £4 I don't feel too peeved but I'm still disappointed with this palette.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Elemis Spa at Home Foot Cream | Review


Foot creams aren't exactly what I would call an essential, but I still try to use them once a week - usually on a Sunday night to set me up for the week ahead.

Elemis are more of a luxury brand in my eyes so not the most logical choice for a foot cream for me. This foot cream contains shea butter and jojoba oil which leave you with super soft feet. I like to use this cream under a pair of cotton socks over night to really reap the benefits. The scent of this is quite herbal but I really like it, it contains patchouli, eucalyptus and lemon oil to create the scent.

The consistency feels quite thin at first but once you start to rub it in it feels thicker and more luxurious somehow.  It doesn't take ages to sink in and you can't feel it lingering if you know what I mean. Since starting running I have noticed that my feet aren't in the best condition but this offering from Elemis is certainly helping them on their way.

For £19 for 75ml it isn't something I would rush out to repurchase, but if it was cheaper then I definitely would.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Weekly Ramble #94


The weekly face:

Last Sunday I met my friend Ellen for lunch which was delicious, I do love trying somewhere new. As per I ate far too much, oops.

This week has whizzed by again. I had a catch up with my parents which is always nice and I've finally gotten some college work done. I am liking that it's almost daylight when I'm driving to work, it almost feels like I don't spend all of my time there.

Today I am off out for food (what else?) with my friend Rachel and some shopping. I'm hoping to get my hands on the Viva Glam Miley, fingers crossed!

Have a good one!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Essence 01 Coral Calling Lipstick | Review and Swatches


Slowly but surely I am trying pretty much everything that Essence have to offer, I love the pop up stand in the Arndale Centre as well as the selection in my local Wilkinsons. Wilko? Whichever.

Most of the lipsticks that Essence do are in a simple black tube with an "e" embossed on the lid and a stripe of colour indicating the shade around the side. I do like the packaging of this lipstick, it has a very satisfying "click"!

Coral Calling, as you would imagine, is a coral-pink shade with a creamy formula. I don't find the formula too dissimilar to the Cremesheen range from MAC for reference.

I really like that on the product itself it has the "e" of the Essence logo imprinted on to it. Most budget friendly companies don't really do things like that and I think it helps them to stand out from the crowd. The pigmentation of Coral Calling is excellent, you can build to an opaque coverage with no trouble at all. The only downside I feel is the longevity, as the formula is so creamy it doesn't last particularly long. Topping up throughout the day is pretty much a given but I don't really mind because I really love this lipstick.

Some people may think that coral is just for the warmer months, but I've never been one to play by the rules and think this is perfect all year round. Coral Calling is one of my most worn lip colours for work.

Coral Calling by Essence is available from Wilkinsons and is priced at £2.30 which is a total steal.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | Review


Spoiler! This is the best mascara I have ever used.

Normally I start with packaging but lets just get the awkwardness right out there, what a bloody awful name. I have a friend at work who is also a makeup nut who asked me what mascara I was using and I felt like a right idiot telling her.. "oh the pink one from Too Faced". I'm not a prude in the slightest, but I find it unnecessary.

So.. packaging, if it didn't have the name emblazoned on it it would be quite pretty, it feels weighty in your hand and I don't think I've seen a pink mascara tube before.

If you're a regular to Ruffles and Rabbits you will know mascaras don't float my boat, I find them all to do much of the same but this has really blown me away. I'm not sure if it is the brush, the formula or a combination of the two but it is definitely the one.

The brush is huge, so huge in fact I thought I would struggle using it but it hasn't been a problem at all. The bristles lift and separate to give massive doll-like lashes. The formula is jet black and dries really quickly. I can get away with one coat of this but I do prefer two if I have a big meeting or a bit more time in the morning. The formula never flakes or gives you a panda eye half way through the day.

That is just one coat which is still very impressive. If Too Faced hadn't called it Better Than Sex I would be telling anyone that would listen about it. This mascara costs £19.00 which is ridiculous for something you're meant to chuck away every three months but I really think it's worth it.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Weekly Ramble #93


The weekly face:

As I mentioned last week, I have been off from work this week just using my holidays up.

Monday involved a trip to the exotic vets which took us ages to get there! Motorway rush hour traffic is not the one. On a clear run it takes 45 minutes which still isn't the best when you have a wriggling bunny on your knee. The idea was just to just get a consultation and see if it was actually possible to perform the surgery, but she offered to do it there and then if the x-ray came back as expected. All looked good so they decided to operate on him. He had to stay over night and I felt so horrible leaving him there.

On Tuesday I kept ringing the vets at regular intervals to see how he was doing, he wasn't eating properly so I could only pick him up at 5pm. Bearing in mind I have never driven properly on a motorway before I got there in no time. The vet went through everything with us and showed me his wound (to which I almost fainted - fail) and explained what medications he would need and when. I was so glad to have him home and hopefully he won't need any further surgery, ever.

On Wednesday I went to my Mum's in the afternoon for a bit of a girly catch up and to book a few mini breaks. We have booked to go to Leeds and York later on this year which should be good. We did originally plan to go to Paris again but our little savings pot went on getting Karl better. It's totally worth it and I'm a bit off flying at the moment anyway.

Thursday I had to go in to college which always leaves me with a blinding headache and a desire to lie down. I did plan to crack on with my coursework when I got home but that didn't realistically happen.

On Friday I had a massive Spring clean, lots of clutter has gone into the bin and I have cleaned all of the windows, even the outside of the conservatory - eugh. I also had a go at making fudge in the afternoon which was a success - hooray!

James' parents came to visit us on Saturday for a catch up and some lunch. We also had a mooch through the town centre which is just a bit mental on a weekend. Oops. 

Today I am going meeting my friend Ellen and her boyfriend for lunch.  I'm planning to finish my college work this afternoon too! I'm almost glad to be going back to work next week - for a rest.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches


I'm sure most of you are now aware of Makeup Revolution and their "Iconic" palettes, they have been dubbed as dupes for the Naked palettes from Urban Decay, and I just couldn't resist picking up Iconic 3.

Iconic 3 is an eyeshadow palette which contains 12 neutral(ish) rosy toned shades. There is a mixture of matte and shimmer which always pleases me greatly. Sadly the first 4 shades don't really translate well on to my skin, which is quite weird because the rest of the shadows are really pigmented. Usually with the more value brands the matte eyeshadows are of a poor quality but I'm happy to report that this isn't the case here! I tend to reach for the right hand side of the palette as the pale pinks just do nothing for me, as I'm so pale I find pale eyeshadow makes me look a bit ill. The longevity of these is excellent, they do not crease, they do not budge until you want to remove them.

I bought Iconic 3 as I thought it would stop me lusting after the Naked 3, but that hasn't happened (shocker) even though I love the quality of this palette. For £4 I think this is really good value for money and would definitely recommend that you check out Makeup Revolution if you haven't already. Some larger Superdrug stores stock Makeup Revolution but if yours doesn't you can always order online.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Empties #16

The latest five to bite the dust:
  • Pantene Aqualight Conditioner
  • Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
  • Avon Far Away Body Spray
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
  • Marks and Spencer One Formula Light Night Cream


Aqualight Conditioner - It's taken me about 12 months to go through this conditioner. As I'm prone to oily hair I'm quite sparing with conditioners. I really like this one, it leaves my hair soft and doesn't make it greasy which is all I'm looking for really.
Repurchase: Yes.


Sugar Crush Body Wash - Sugar Crush is my favourite scent from Soap and Glory, I just wish that this was a bit thicker in consistency. As this is such a huge bottle it took me ages to finish it off, so you are definitely getting value for your money.
Repurchase: No, it's just a bit too runny.

Far Away Body Spray - I think I bought this as part of an offer as I'm not usually a body spray sort of girl. Aerosols and I don't get along in general actually. I love the Far Away scent and usually have a bottle of the EDT on the go but this body spray just irritated me, i.e. gets in the back of my throat.
Repurchase: No.


Vitamin E Moisture Cream - I love the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop and this was the product that started it for me really. It sinks in really quickly and is light enough to use as a day time moisturiser for sure. I also adore the scent.
Repurchase: Yes.

One Formula Light Night Cream - I got this as part of a travel set and figured I would use it up. It's nothing special but doesn't aggravate my skin either. The price point on this range is really low so may be good if you are just getting into skincare.
Repurchase: No.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Maybelline Asian Baby Lips | Review


I spotted two of the Asian Baby Lips range in my local pound shop so of course I had to pick them up. I was under the impression that they were Japanese initially but apparently these are the Asian version.

The flavours that I have are Smoothing Cherry and Mango Pie.

I do like the packaging of these Baby Lips but not as much as the Electro ones, it is also worth noting that these have a smaller lid which pops off rather than a full sized case one like the others.

They last about as well as any other "cheaper" lip balm which is good for £1! Maybelline are obsessed with saying that their lip balms last 8 hours, of course they don't, it's more like 2 hours.

The flavours/scents of these Baby Lips are amazing, they smell so juicy and fruity. Of the two I prefer Smoothing Cherry but it is a close call! The lip balms are also SPF 20 which is always a good thing.

If you can get your hands on these I would definitely pick some up!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Weekly Ramble #92


The weekly face:

I finally had my B12 injection on Thursday, hopefully I should be feeling lots perkier. I don't think it helps with the limited amount of sunshine that we get in Winter either, it's dark when I go to work and dark when I get home! Boo!

Yesterday I went to my friends' engagement party which was a good night. I didn't want to have too many to drink though as it is my Mum's birthday today! Not that I drink a lot anyway but I didn't want to be feeling worse for wear today. I have got my Mum a lovely pair of earrings that she has had her eye on, a bracelet and a Starbucks voucher! Plus flowers and a cake of course. She's working today but we will be heading up there this evening.

I am off work this week which is always a bonus, we're going to an exotic vets in the morning to see if they can sort Karl's gnashers out permanently but other than that I've got minimal plans.